Algorithmic Hydrogen Alliance - Green Hydrogen Moonshot

Our mission is to create substantial wealth, equitably shared, by catalyzing the transformation of the industrial hydrogen supply (2017 value USD 130 billion) from fossil fuel-based to renewable energy-based, within a decade, while incorporating existing infrastructure and investment.

AHA is first and foremost a crusade and a movement organized and resourced as a for-profit benefit company. We call forth a mythic deepening of meaning and purpose from all who collaborate. The journey will be collectively heroic as is true of all great transformations.

Eco-philosopher, Earth elder, and spiritual activist, Joanna Macy (b. 1929) promotes a transition from the Industrial Growth Society to a Life-Sustaining Society. She calls it the Great Turning, a revolution of great urgency: “While the agricultural revolution took centuries, and the industrial revolution took generations, this ecological revolution has to happen within a matter of a few years.”

AHA is in service to the Great Turning, aligned with the Global Goals, in particularly Goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy.

The Global Solutions Network Pattern

About our Operational and Delivery Network

In his book Creating Climate Wealth, the man who unlocked the commercial solar market in the U.S. and LinkedIn top influencer of 2017, Jigar Shah expressed his opinion that most visionary entrepreneurs do not pay enough attention to market timing and that bad market timing is the underlying reason most startups fail.

Building on our founder Bob Beth’s synthesis on Organizing in Times of Accelerating Change, AHA is structuring from the outset in the new organizational pattern known as an Operational and Delivery Network, where the talent and resources are identified and inspired to serve upfront, while remaining engaged in other contributing activities elsewhere, available to iteratively allocate their attention to AHA when activated, but not accruing significant costs when not activated.

In this manner, AHA is able to selectively and iteratively move on a chessboard of market segments, in right timing, making moves as the market itself and other market complementors reveal when the profitable segments are ripe.

To learn more, enjoy thought leader Don Tapscott’s great perspective and insight in proposing the Global Solution Network – or GSN – as a new and particularly effective type of global problem-solving organization.